Sunday, May 19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

Before I can even start this review on the new Star Trek movie, I would just like to begin by saying that  I have never watched an episode of Star Trek in my life and I just saw the first Star Trek film by director J.J. Abrams the other day. I guess you can say that I am kinda new to the series even though I have a general understanding of the show's plot, BUT ANYWAY... I DIGRESS.

Into Darkness immediately exposes audiences to an adrenaline-rushing scene where alien natives are chasing Captain Kirk and McCoy out from their temple and into a thick vegetation as an enormous volcano is on the verge of exploding. To save the native species, Spock goes into the volcano with the hopes of containing the eruption of the volcano with some kind of futuristic gadget-thingy.. As Spock is slowly lowered down from his transport into the volcano, the ship receives damage and Spock's cord is cut leaving him stranded in the center of the exploding volcano. As Spock is preparing his gadget thingy, magma is erupting around him as the countdown for the explosion nears the end. As precious time swiftly ticks away, Kirk makes decision to reveal his ship to the natives (something which breaks protocol) and save his friend from imbedding death. Spock is thus saved in the nick of time, and his gadget successfully saves the natives from utter annihilation as well. 

Thank you Benedict Cumberbatch, OH I mean Kahn..
Kahn is the ultimate villain of this movie and the character who makes this second installment in J.J. Abrams' series agruably better than the first. Kahn is a immensely intelligent and seemingly one step ahead of everyone else throughout the entire movie.. Even when he is captured (DA DA DUN). 
What is with villains getting captured and placed in clear cells lately?
Kahn plans a terrorist attack in London, attacks the Federation's Headquarters (killing Rear Admiral Pike), attacking a large party of Klingons single-handedly, and taking control of the enormous USS Vengeance while seemingly aiding Kirk and his crew. (To name only a few..) Benedict Cumberbatch plays this super villain brilliantly, for Kahn shows very little emotion as he kills all who oppose him and his plans. I was relatively unfamiliar with Cumberbatch until seeing this movie, but after seeing his amazing performance I am MORE than convinced that he will do a wonderful job voicing the famed Dragon Smaug in the upcoming Hobbit movie. (OMG I CANT WAIT).

Although the character Kahn is the main difference between this movie and the first, there are a ton of other aspects in this film that make it incredible to view. I have a short list here that does not contain too many spoilers:
  • The ceaseless and consistent action.
  • The unknown mysteries that keep audiences members on the edges of theirs seats.
  • The parallel between the beginning of the movie, with Spock about to die AND the end where Captain Kirk almost dies. 
  • Touching moments where Kirk and Spock reveal their love and admiration for each other. 
  • Growing relationships between characters. 
  • Immense Character development. Kirk with his attitude and Spock with his emotions.
  • Plenty of intense moments.
I found myself having a few questions though about various events of the movie. Why would Kirk and Spock trust Kahn in the first place? What happened to the Klingons after about 30 of their soldiers died (Aka. War?) WHY DOES SCOTTY YELL AT HIS ASSISTANT FOR ALWAYS SITTING DOWN? WHY CAN'T HE SIT? 

Film Rating:
Very Good


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